Friday, September 25, 2015

Why Journal? (Tip/Reason #10)

Tip #10 – Journal writing is a way to hone and practice your writing skills, expand your creativity, and play. 

Journal writing is a way to test out a short story, article, or poem you are trying to craft. It is a place to jot down ideas and play with phrasing. Don’t be afraid to strike out words and try others in their place. Make a mess of the page–out of the chaos you may produce some literary gems.

If you prefer a more visual medium, draw or paint in your journal. One of my workshop participants drew a gorgeous image using pens of vibrant shades of yellow, green, purple, red, pink, and blue to express a situation with which she’d been struggling. Painting, coloring, creating a collage or even scrapbooking are all forms of journaling to consider. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment with different colors, visual image techniques, and writing styles.  

When I was going through cancer, I was given several decks of inspiration cards and regularly wrote my interpretation of the sayings and why they resonated with me. I bought colored construction paper, made small rectangular cut-outs, and glued them into my journal to create pouches in which the cards were placed, and decorated the pouches with stickers. This was a way to add variety to my journal pages and make them aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, it was enjoyable.  

Journaling is not only about the written word. Have fun, express yourself, and be creative!

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