Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Journaling Tip #12

Visit a bookstore when selecting a journal.

Selecting the perfect journal is important to me. The appearance of my journals reflect the mood I'm in at any given moment as well as the events happening, challenges presenting themselves, and goals being set during any period of my life. I crave variety, and if variety appeals to you too, then a trip to the bookstore should be on your to-do list. There are entire sections devoted to journals, from the very plain, utilitarian ones to those that are bound in elaborately embossed Italian leather. (Yes, I do like the Italian leather journals.)

You may ask: But I can find them online too, right? Of course, you can. You can find just about anything online. However, what you miss shopping via the Internet is the experience of touch and smell, turning the pages, getting a feel for the book in your hands. I pick them up, page through them because some include inspirational quotes and pictures, so one never knows what surprises reside inside. 

It may sound silly, but I find connection to my next journal this way. My current journal has a smooth navy cover with an embossed quill on it. The interior cream-colored pages are edged in gold and have black lines, ensuring that my script moves straight across the page and not up towards the right, which is apt to happen absent any lines. I selected this journal when I was feeling more professional (it is no frills), prosperous (it is elegant), and confident (it is sleek).

A few years ago I used a National Football League pigskin covered notebook from the office because I was in the process of paying off all my credit card debt and decided to use a notebook I already had. It served its purpose, but it wasn’t as pretty as some of my others. 

The perfect receptacle for your thoughts, ideas, and happenings can make writing that much more enjoyable. The purchase you make in that moment is a reflection of your current life. Of course, life changes and then it's on to a new journal—one that may be radically different from the previous one. That’s been my experience anyway. Happy journal hunting!