Monday, February 13, 2017

Competency and Experience are Vital for Leading Government Agencies

I don’t expect a republican administration to put people in charge of agencies who align with my progressive policy prescriptions. However, I do expect competent, knowledgeable, experienced people to head up government agencies because when they do not, we get incompetent government, we get chaos, and Americans suffer, mostly middle and low-income people. 

Sadly, this seems to be the GOP playbook: they hate government so much that when they are in charge, they put people in positions of power who have no-to-little experience and are incompetent so that when they fail and there is disaster, it reinforces their narrative of “government is bad, government can’t help you.” It’s worked like a charm over the past few decades. The American people’s faith in government institutions is very low. 

I do not believe government alone can solve all our problems, but it is certainly not the evil conservatives have painted it to be and can be very useful in many situations. Furthermore, government can finance research and push projects forward that private industry can’t or won’t risk doing.

While we may not be able to stop these appointments, we can certainly slow them down so that the American people are aware of who it is that will be running our country as well as whom to hold accountable.

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