Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Non-stop Clinton Scandal Investigations: What they really Reveal

The political world has lost its collective mind, especially on the right. Policymakers seem to care little about achieving goals and passing legislation that will actually help their constituents. Rather, they prefer to play political games at taxpayer expense. Every day the polarization and schizophrenia of our nation’s politicians, reporters and opinion makers are on display. Go to the Real Clear Politics web site and read the article titles only. That's all you have to do to see the extreme views expressed and perpetuated by our media. These articles would be laughable if they weren’t so sad.

Here is a Boston Globe headline I saw on the RCP site on July 7: Another Clinton Scandal Goes “Poof”.

That same day, the comment below was given in response to the article “Haters get Over it: Clinton isn’t Going to Jail” in the Chicago Tribune: 

Non-indictment does not mean innocence. It just means that like all Clinton scandals, it miraculously goes away! Still, Clinton remains the most corrupt candidate ever for President.
"The most corrupt candidate ever" is hyperbolic, and if this commenter and others of the same opinion actually took a little time to examine this statement, they might ask themselves why these scandals "miraculously" go away. The Clintons have been relentlessly attacked and vilified for decades with ginned up accusations and conspiracy theories spurring investigation after investigation, yet they are vindicated every time—every time. (Bill was held to account for lying about the Lewinsky affair, and rightly so, but the other accusations...yeah, not much there.)

Is it because they are so powerful that no one dare take them down? Is it that they are incredibly devious masters at concealing all incriminating evidence? This seriously seems to be what some people think. Are they above the law? Maybe, but aren't most powerful and wealthy people? We see it all the time. Why are the Clinton's held to a different standard? I'm not saying it's right, but I am asking the question.

Or, perhaps they have been vindicated time and again because there is nothing criminal to be found. Maybe they are not the monsters their enemies—and yes, they are enemies, not opponents—paint them to be. 

What we do see in all this, however, are vindictive, hateful people who can’t fathom or admit that the Clintons actually could be innocent. Instead, the haters will continue to waste taxpayer money on investigations until they achieve their desired outcome.

Those heading up all the Republican investigative committees are the ones who should be investigated. After numerous  inquiries ending with the same conclusion of innocence and no intent of wrongdoing (and please note, there have been 8 Benghazi hearings), it resembles a witch hunt. Let me reiterate: These inquiries are on the taxpayers' dime. 

To put this in perspective, there were two major bi-partisan investigations into pre-war Iraq planning. Around 4500 American service members have been killed in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. Four (4) Americans were killed in Benghazi. Furthermore, there were a number of U.S. embassy and consulate attacks and killings during the George W. Bush administration. Where were the investigations for any of those? You can see the full list here:

Ben Mathis-Lilley, a Slate.com reporter, points out the absurdity of Congressional Republicans in a post he wrote on June 28:

Then there were a few more investigations during the G. W. Bush Administration into the use of torture (which is illegal) and the firings of eight U.S. attorneys during which 5 million emails went missing. Does any of that seem more outrageous or criminal in comparison to Benghazi or Clinton's email server rinse-repeat-and-rinse-repeat-again investigations? 

Clinton-derangement syndrome is real. This malady has infected many Republicans and even some on the left, in particular, Bernie Sanders ideologues who’d rather vote for Donald than Hillary. In what world is that rational? I guarantee that Bernie and Hillary have much more in common and share similar goals than Bernie and Donald ever would or could.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have addressed accusations and answered questions repeatedly over decades. Yes, admittedly, many of their troubles have been self-inflicted. Furthermore, because they have been scapegoated and attacked so frequently, when trying to protect their privacy (as most of us would) they come off as looking even more secretive, untrustworthy, and above the law. It’s a vicious cycle they cannot win, no matter what they do. 

The Clintons are polarizing, especially Hillary who has been criticized and scrutinized since she was first lady of Arkansas when she retained her maiden name instead of taking her husband’s. That seems quaint now, right? Not so fast. There are still those, women included, who feel a woman is obligated to take her husband’s last name.  

All these years of investigations doesn’t prove the Clintons are serial liars and criminals. What it does prove is that there is an orchestrated movement—as irrational and toxic as it is—to bring them down. Perhaps there is a right-wing conspiracy working against them, which I never believed until the past couple of years. The investigations, innuendo, and attacks will continue (even if Clinton wins the election) until the Clintons are brought down to their knees and given their just punishment—whether that be imprisonment or their political careers are relegated to the dust bin of history.

Please don't misconstrue what I am writing. Investigations should be conducted when public officials, corporate CEOs or anyone in a position of power is suspected of malfeasance, when their actions or inaction may have caused a tragedy, or when circumstances smell a little fishy. However, to conduct the same investigation repeatedly, expecting to obtain a different result the eighth time, or more, is the definition of insanity. These legislators are certifiable.  

The Clintons could step away from public life to make it all go away, but then they’d be giving in to their attackers. Both Bill and Hillary have made valuable contributions to this country and the world. Have they made mistakes? Absolutely. No leader, not even the greatest of them, has possessed a spotless record. Both Clintons worked their way up to the positions of political power and influence they possess, tirelessly fighting to better the lives of people around the globe. Now, those who hate them want to see their legacy diminished. Well, I say to Hillary and Bill, don’t let the haters bring you down. Keep up the good fight! 

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