Friday, July 17, 2015

Journaling Tip #3...Related to Tip #2 (working through challenges)

Journal writing as a tool for working through challenges was journaling Tip #2 posted on July 8. Today's tip expands on that.

One strategy for solving a problem is to write your challenge or issue down in your diary at night. Include the solutions you've already considered. Now, go to sleep and allow the unconscious mind to work. In the morning, before you start your day, pick up the journal and start writing about your situation and see if any new solutions have presented themselves overnight.

If no new ideas have appeared, try this exercise every night—or as often as you are able—for a week. If after a week, you still haven't discovered new strategies, it could be time to reach out for assistance, be it from an expert, a colleague, or a friend. However, give it a try. The unconscious mind works in mysterious ways.

Related article - Got a big decision to make? Sleep on It:

"We tend to consider the time we spend sleeping, for instance, as a mentally inactive period. But sleep is associated with better memory performance, and "slow-wave" sleep in particular has been shown to enhance our ability to make mental connections and integrate unassociated information. 

This sort of mental heavy-lifting during sleep could be useful for discovering creative solutions to problems and could potentially help combining factors in a way that allows us to make decisions." 

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