Monday, August 21, 2017

Ideas, Actions, and Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow - August 21 Edition

Communities, Economic Development, Wellness 

Work is underway on creating more than 30 miles of multi-use trail across parts of the Tri-State. 
Crews just finished a portion of the path from Anderson Road to the Victoria National Golf Course subdivision.

The project is broken into six segments. The trail will eventually be about 30 miles long and stretch from Boonville to Vanderburgh County. 

It will also help connect schools, parks, and businesses in the area. 

"We're focusing on healthy living for our residents," Warrick Wellness Pathways President Howard Nevins said. "It's also in conjunction with economic development the people want to move to our area. Most want healthy living and healthy lifestyles, and it's a big attraction for people to move to Southern Indiana and for employers to get employees it's a good recruitment tool."

Small Towns, Tourism 

Here in Ohio, we know small towns are cool.

In fact, we’re home to what just might be the coolest small town in the Midwest. As a quaint college town full of color, plenty of things to do in nature and even a mobile “tiny home” or two, there’s truly nowhere else in Ohio—or the Midwest—quite like Yellow Springs. If you’ve yet to visit this gem of a town, you need to add it to your bucket list. Take a look:

Tucked away in southwest Ohio you'll find Ohio's most charming and unique town, where the benches are a work of art and the buildings are full of character—inside and out.

Environment, Green Initiatives

Separately, Commissioner Harvey Ward proposed Thursday to establish a “Green Ribbon Panel,” similar to the city’s Blue Ribbon Panel. Commissioners voted unanimously to send the idea to the city’s general policy committee, which is made up of commissioners.

Ward said he would like to have commissioners appoint experts to the panel to study how the city could become more environmentally friendly. Ward mentioned recycling, waste reduction, reducing carbon emissions and water conservation as potential starting points for the committee, which would include the city’s transit service and utility.

“I don’t want to claim to have the answers by any means, but there are experts that have the answers,” he said.

Community, Refugees, Immigrants


It was Saturday in suburbia, and a group of Syrian, Iraqi and American teens were at the local library when they decided to go to the field out back to play a little soccer. On the way, a Syrian boy asked an American girl if she wanted to be on his team.

She said yes.

That’s how it went, all summer long, in a respite from the religious violence and political turmoil roiling their young worlds. A group of American teenagers from the Maplewood and South Orange suburbs of North Jersey spent the summer hanging out with newly resettled refugee teenagers from Syria and Iraq, now living in the area around urban Elizabeth, NJ.

Travel, Weekends

Who says every trip you take has to be a big one? Two days can feel like two weeks if you plan them right. It’s easier than you think to maximize your travel opportunities by giving your weekends the credit they deserve. Here are ten ways to make a weekend getaway feel like a vacation.

1. Limit your transportation time 
You want to get to your destination with alacrity—not with anxiety! Leave early to avoid traffic, or choose a destination close to home. If you just can’t resist traveling farther, consider planning an overnight on the way. If you’re flying, don’t waste more time in an airport than you need to—make sure you have security pre-check.

2. Extend your stay, even by a little bit 

Squeeze as much extra time out of your weekend getaway as you can. Leave Thursday night, if possible, or early on Friday. Getting to your destination before dinner on Friday can make all the difference. (And getting home late on Sunday can be totally worth it, too.)

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