Friday, June 16, 2017

Ideas, actions, and inspiration for a better tomorrow - June 16, 2017

Natural Resources, the Future

“While the evil syndicate’s role in the film (Quantum of Solace, 2007) might not be entirely realistic, this piece of fiction does raise a scenario that is worth considering seriously: what would happen if a country’s water supply was cut off? What would be the global fallout?

Think about it: sure, we need water to survive. But it also fuels a country’s commerce, trade, innovation and economic success. This has been the case for time immemorial, from the Nile in Ancient Egypt to the Amazon in the Brazilian rainforest.”

Family Leave, Equality

Fair is fair. Men should have the same parental/family leave rights.

“Rotondo is asking J.P Morgan to apply its paid leave policies equally to men and women and to pay retribution to him and other male employees who didn’t get the same paid leave their female peers were granted. If he succeeds, companies around the country may have to revisit policies that seem generous from the outside but ignore the realities of contemporary parenthood.

Climate resiliency, Infrastructure

“So how can we reimagine and rebuild our relationship to technology to rebuild our communities of trust, even as social and political forces work against building unity and safety through ethical applications of technology? This work is increasingly important as the media and communications industries become more consolidated; as regulations are rolled back and consumer protections eroded; and as poorer communities, with less access to information and technology, have less access to meaningful employment.

Invisibilia Podcast – Implicit Bias

This is so worth a listen. 

“Scientific research has shown that even well-meaning people operate with implicit bias - stereotypes and attitudes we are not fully aware of that nonetheless shape our behavior towards people of color. We examine the Implicit Association Test, a widely available psychological test that popularized the notion of implicit bias. And we talk to people who are tackling the question, critical to so much of our behavior: what does it take to change these deeply embedded concepts? Can it even be done?

Leisure, Wine

It’s the start of the weekend, so enjoy a refreshing sangria. Click on the title to get the recipe. 
“It has a unique charm, whether you’ve picked it up in a carton from a Spanish supermarket or have made your own, festooned with abundant bobbing orange slices. The relatively simple composition of wine, a soft mixer and fruit leaves it open to interpretation too, meaning if iced red wine with lemon isn’t your thing, there’s sure to be a version to suit you.

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