Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Journal? (Tip/Reason #8)

Tip #8 – Journal writing generates ideas for articles or stories.

I’ve found that rereading past journal entries sparks ideas for articles or books. Take some time to peruse your writing and see how you might be able produce an article or story that will entertain or benefit others in some way, as I did with my journal of 2004 when I was going through cancer treatments, which became my book, a memoir, Rebirth

Recently, I included a letter I wrote to the Police Commissioner of Covington, Kentucky, back in 1999 in a political piece on police abuse of power. I was able to reproduce it and insert it as a PDF in the post because I had formatted it to fit my 1999 journal, printed it off, and taped it onto the pages—saved for posterity and (unbeknownst to me at that time) my political blogging sixteen years later. 

Explore your journals. You may find some gems in those pages that will ignite your creativity and/or advocacy and activism.  

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